About us

Based in Toronto, Canada — Mahiwaga is a line of handmade fragrance goods and home accessories inspired by the tropics, and the Pearl of the Orient Seas. All our ingredients are bought and sourced locally. Our candles are made with pure soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrances — each one hand poured with lots of love and care by yours truly here in Toronto. 

Before I forget to introduce myself... Hi, I'm Kristi 👋🏼

In 2016, I took a 6,000-mile one-way trip to Toronto from the Philippines. With all the beauty and promise Canada has to offer, I can’t help but occasionally miss the familiar comforts of a place I’ve known to call home for most of my life.

This constant longing for the familiar led me to find ways to tangibly share my culture and experiences with the new friends I’ve made here. It also helps that I am absolutely obsessed with candles, and everything related to interior design. I hope that Mahiwaga goes beyond being just a brand, and helps to inspire a community.

For now, it's a platform that enables me to share and celebrate our heritage, language, and culture. Connect with me on our social channels!